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The Reliv Difference

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Reliv Delivers Results

Why do Reliv’s premium nutritional formulas work when other supplements don’t? We call it the Reliv Difference:


  • Bioavailability. Reliv’s shakes and other specially designed products provide the body instant access to the nutrients they contain, providing greater benefit from each serving.

  • Synergism. Many vitamins and minerals only perform at their best when combined with other nutrients: 1+1=3. This is called synergism, and it’s the foundation behind every Reliv formulation.
  • Optimal Nutrition. Reliv goes beyond the minimum daily requirements to follow the standard of optimal nutrition for optimal results.
  • Guaranteed Quality Ingredients. Our ingredients come from the most reputable suppliers and undergo rigorous testing when they first enter our company-owned facility in the heart of the U.S.A., and again at each step in the manufacturing process. See for yourself: view video.


This approach to advanced nutrition, combined with a passion for innovation, enables every Reliv product to provide much more than the individual nutrients listed on the label — Reliv delivers results.

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